Monday, 27 March 2017

Biblioterapia. Curar-se com livros, em Lisboa

Biblioterapia. Curar-se com livros, em Lisboa

Biblioterapia. Healing with books, in Lisbon

Curar-se/healing; Perhaps more precisely in English, heal yourself?

Biblioterapia/A neologism, however perhaps one day it may become a mainstream word if the idea catches on.

The use of -se in for example, curar-se has required that I do some research into the use of -se, -me etc, and according to Barron’s 501 Portuguese Verbs they are what is called reflexive pronouns and consequently curar-se is what is called a reflexive conjugation

Back story
Pomadas de Saramago? Remédios de Ana Karenina? Anti-inflamatórios de Proust? A cura através dos livros é possível e o The Therapist, em Lisboa, abriu as primeiras consultas de biblioterapia do país.

Ointments of Saramago? Ana Karenina Remedies? Anti-inflammatory Proust? Healing through books is possible and The Therapist, in Lisbon, opened the first bibliotherapy consultations in the country.

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