Tuesday, 4 April 2017

O calor veio para ficar até domingo

O calor veio para ficar até domingo (e talvez até à Páscoa)

The heat came to stay until Sunday (and maybe even Easter)

O calor/The heat
Veio para ficar/Came to stay
Literally: Came for to stay

Talvez até/Maybe even(until)

Veio: Preterite indicative of the verb vir (To come)

Common usage of até

Until (up to the time of something happening)

A aula dura até as dez horas.‎

The class lasts until ten o’clock.

By (at some point before the given time)

Será feito até dia quinze.‎

It will be done by the fifteenth.

To (all the way to a place)

Fui até minha casa.‎

I went to my house.

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